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Traveling Responsibly in Hawaiʻi

The most powerful aspect of visiting Hawaiʻi is not our incredible natural beauty or our rich culture - it's the deep relationship between the two. When you learn to love Hawaiʻi the way we do, not only do you help us perpetuate all that we hold dear, but you get to experience what it's like to have a connection with this special place.

Cultural Mindfulness/Local Respect

1. One of the most rewarding aspects of visiting Hawaiʻi is engaging with our unique and vibrant way of life. To truly experience it, cultural experts advise adopting an open heart and an open mind. When you follow their tips for doing so, you'll better understand the Hawaiian perspective, appreciate what makes these islands so special and deepen your immersion into our life-changing culture. 
2. Take time to learn about the culture, values and etiquette of Hawaiʻi. You'll have a much better understanding of the islands and a more authentic experience here.
3. The ʻāina (land) and the moana (ocean) are a part of the fabric of our culture and people. They are part of our home. And like any home, including your own, we hope that you will treat them with respect. Please ask for permission before entering any area designated as kapu (forbidden) or not expressly open to the public. Going "off the beaten path" is not an excuse for trespassing or disrespecting Hawaiʻi's communities and culture.

Hawaiʻi Travel Tips: Culture

The Hawaiian Islands are like no place else - and experiencing them fully means having a completely different mindset. We do our best to open our hearts and minds to consider the Hawaiian perspective, by learning about the culture and traditions that shaped this place over many centuries. You'll gain a deeper appreciation for the people and the place that, together, make Hawaiʻi a truly unique destination.

Hawaiʻi Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation

The ocean is a source of more than just fun and adventure - it's also home to countless marine animals in delicate ecosystems. We've learned that even small actions - like using reef-safe sunscreen and reducing single-use plastics - can have a big impact on the ocean, keeping it healthy for everyone to experience.

Support Local

When you support local businesses, you help our distinctive local communities flourish and maintain their authentic character. Please choose restaurants and businesses that source from local suppliers and choose sustainable certified operators.


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