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Voluntourism in Hawai'i

The most powerful aspect of Hawaiʻi is not our incredible natural beauty or rich culture – it's the deep relationship between the two. When you learn to love Hawaiʻi the way we do, not only do you help us perpetuate all that we hold dear, but you get to experience what it's like to have a connection with this remarkable place.

Have fun while making an impact

You already know that you can help ensure Hawaiʻi’s special places exist for generations to come by staying on roads and trails, leaving picnic spots even cleaner than you found them, observing instructional signs, and respecting the ʻāina (land), kai (sea) and all their living creatures. But it takes a pretty special person to want to take their respect for Hawaiʻi a step further by volunteering – an action which will create positive ripples across our islands.
Several organizations offer opportunities for visitors to pay it forward, like beach clean-ups, native tree planting, and more. Engage in some of our volunteer opportunities below, and in exchange, experience Hawaiʻi on a much deeper and connected level. Through the Mālama Hawai'i program, you could qualify for a special discount or even a free night from a participating hotel when participating in its dedicated volunteer activity. 

Give Back at Kuaola Ranch

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