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A Big Island travel guide written by people with a passion for Hawaii. We enable visitors to plan their own vacation in a sustainable way with minimum impact on the local environment. Visit our website for custom itineraries, activity information (DIY guides and tours), city guides, and more.

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Love Big Island is written by people that love the Big Island for people that love the Big Island. Our mission is to share what we know and love about the Big Island in such a way, that the impact of tourism is minimal. This does not mean that we don’t send you to the fun places, but rather that we tell you how you can enjoy *and* respect Hawaiʻi at the same time. We also prefer to send you to local people and companies that know and respect the Big Island, and that share our values. We are a firm believer in the concept of “enrich the community: buy local”. Our guide is a great place to research and plan a vacation to the Big Island. Visit our website and find our favorite things to do, accommodations, city and activity guides, a curated (small) list of recommended tours, and more. Mahalo!