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Kona Sunrise Charters DBA Hula Kai


Snorkel with award-winning Fair Wind Cruises aboard the luxury vessel, Hula Kai. Our Big Island snorkel & SNUBA tour travels the Kailua-Kona Coast to the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii. We also offer Kona's first-class Manta Ray snorkel adventure, sure to be the highlight of your Hawaii Vacation.

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Hula Kai Pali Kaholo Hula Kai Speeding Hula Kai Snorkeling Unique Snorkel Locations School of Fish Gangs all here! Catch the sunset before departing on the Evening Manta Ray Snorkel Adventure Swim with Giant Manta Rays A chance to see large marine mammals Stand Up Paddle Board


For a truly unique experience, join us aboard Fair Wind’s sister vessel, Hula Kai. This powerful 55’ catamaran is full of first-class comforts like individual theater style seating and scrumptious food. Ideal for snorkeling & ocean enthusiasts, the Hula Kai ventures off the beaten path – speeding you to exotic locations along the South Kona coast, including night manta ray adventures. The Hula Kai Deluxe Kona Coast Cruise Discover remote locations as unique as the vessel that gets you there. Hula Kai is an exciting, yet truly relaxing experience! This 5-hour cruise departs daily from Keauhou Bay, the birthplace of Hawai’i’s longest reigning Monarch, King Kamehameha III. During the cruise, experience a scenic Hawaiian cultural journey with fascinating historical stories while viewing significant sites including the place of death of the great Circumnavigator Captain James Cook at Kealakekua Bay, the last battle stand at Kuamo’o Battlefield and the Royal Holua Slide, the largest and best preserved in the state, and a historical landmark. The Deluxe Kona Coast Cruise includes two unique snorkel destinations, standup paddleboards, snorkel gear, reef safe sunscreen and instruction. Guests are served a plant-based tropical breakfast of traditional muesli (overnight soaked oats with almonds, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and raisins with coconut milk, banana bread using locally grown banana’s, fresh fruit bowl consisting of island-grown pineapple, papaya, and a variety of best seasonal fruits, 100% Kona coffee grown on our estate farm, herbal tea, and juice. Our plant-based lunch includes a BBQ Jackfruit “pulled pork style” with coleslaw sandwich, Chickpea “Tuna salad style” sandwich (or on salad greens), homemade ulu (breadfruit) & purple sweet potato salad, mixed greens salad with homemade salad dressing, and cookies for dessert. Beer, wine and assorted beverages are available for purchase during the last hour of the cruise. *Menu subject to change Additional options available for purchase are SNUBA, Sea Rocket tours, and a cash bar. Our Deluxe South Kona Cruise features two unique snorkel locations along the stunning South Kona Coast, with Turtle Rock often selected as one of the sites. Encounters with Pyramid Butterfly fish and green sea turtles are common in this area. Several other incredible snorkel locations are utilized at the Captain’s discretion based on daily water conditions. These areas include the Red Hill region renowned for its various reefs, rock formations, and abundant marine life – and also Pali Kaholo which is located approximately 10-miles South of Kealakekua Bay (which is occasionally utilized as well). The Hula Kai Deluxe Kona Coast Cruise departs from Keauhou Bay at 9:30 am, returning at 2:30 pm. Check-in at 9:05 am. Bring towels, sun hat, etc. *Minimum age limit for this cruise is 7-years old. This cruise is for experienced snorkelers only. The Evening Manta Ray Snorkel Adventure The Travel Channel calls snorkeling with Manta Rays “One of the top-ten things to do in your lifetime!” Join us for one of the most exhilarating experiences in Hawaii, Kona’s First-Class Manta Adventure! Mantas are very gentle – no teeth, stingers or barbs. They are simply big and beautiful with wingspans that can exceed 15-feet in width! These “Gentle Giants” visit us nightly to feed on the plankton that is attracted by Hula Kai’s bright lighting. Enjoy a short and comfortable five-minute boat ride to Manta Village – located near the Sheraton Keauhou. Once at the site, just after sunset, our professional guides will assist you into the water for an experience of a lifetime! You will witness the mantas up close as they grace the waters and feed on plankton. The Night Manta Snorkel includes 1 hour of snorkel time, wet suits, snorkel gear, warm bread rolls, hot vegan soup, hot drinks and a Manta Ray education class. The departure times for this cruise change with the sunset. *Minimum age limit for this cruise is 7-years old. The Manta Ray Snorkeling Adventure is for EXPERIENCED SNORKELERS ONLY. Participants must be able to swim, must be comfortable in the ocean, and must have prior snorkeling experience. If you are unsure about your ability, it is strongly recommended that you complete one of our daytime snorkel tours beforehand (Discounts are available for multiple snorkel tour reservations.)
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78-7130 Kaleiopapa Street
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740