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Hawaii's largest office coffee and water filtration services provider. Excelling at new installations and great service. We are the leader in providing water bottle filling stations for Hotels serving many of Hawaii's largest properties.

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At Hawaiian Cool Water, we think that’s 60 million too many. And that’s just the beginning. The environmental impact of producing, distributing and “disposing” plastic water bottles is astounding. By choosing a Hawaiian Cool Water purification system over the old-fashioned water cooler or cases of individual bottled water, you are drastically reducing your carbon footprint. Our system purifies water from your existing tap so you enjoy fresh, clean water using eco-friendly, sustainable technology. Reduce plastic waste going into local landfills, rivers, streams, and the ocean Conserve energy and fuel used to manufacture plastic water bottles (over 17 million barrels of oil used annually) Eliminate bulky jugs and free-up office/storage space Eliminate the need for water jug delivery trucks and lower gas consumption, vehicle emissions and street traffic At Hawaiian Cool Water, we believe in making a difference, one less bottle at a time. Contact us for a free quote today! »