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ʻEhukai Beach Park


ʻEhukai Beach Park (Banzai Pipeline)

Where: North Shore, Oʻahu
Activities: Bodysurfing, bodyboarding, fishing, surfing
Amenities: Parking, picnic tables, restrooms, showers, lifeguard

One of the most famous surf spots on the North Shore, this beach is also known as the “Banzai Pipeline” for its barreling waves. During winter, massive swells break on shallow reef, making it a dangerous beach for only the best and bravest surfers (and a great place for watching some of the world’s top surfing). International contests such as the Triple Crown of Surfing and the Billabong Pipeline Masters are held here in winter months. During summer, the water is much calmer but you’ll still want to check in with the lifeguard for the latest conditions before going in.

Please note: Hawaiʻi's ocean and beach conditions are as unique as the islands themselves. Visit HIOCEANSAFETY.COM which constantly monitors the surf, wind, and reports from public safety officials that directly affect the conditions for safety of Hawaiian beaches. Use the hazard signs on HIOCEANSAFETY.COM as well to quickly assess conditions and help you find the appropriate beach for your visit.

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