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Nounou Mountain


Nounou Mountain (Sleeping Giant)

On Kauaʻi’s East Side, between Wailua and Kapaʻa, is the Nounou Mountain range—more famously known as Sleeping Giant. Stare at the ridge from afar and with a little imagination you can make out what looks like a human figure lying on his back. Hawaiian legends say this giant was tricked by villagers into eating a vast amount of rocks hidden in fish and poi. Sleepy from the meal, the giant took a nap and hasn’t woken since.

The Sleeping Giant Trail is one of three Nounou Mountain Trails. Enjoy a stunning hike through a shaded forest of ironwood, guava and silk oak. It’s less than a 2-mile hike to the top where you’ll discover breathtaking views. The trail head can be found on Hale‘īlio Road in Wailua.

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