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“Travel is the best education.” The WhyzzExplorer iPhone app helps families to learn about Hawaiian culture, history, myths & legends and the islands' challenges with fun computer vision object hunts. For Young Global Citizens that are curious about the world and eager to make a difference.

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WhyzzExplorer helps families to learn about the world – while traveling or at home. Uncover stories behind everyday objects with fun Computer Vision Object Hunts or taste the food of Hawaii’s different cultures in a Family Food Challenge. 79% of educators consider it a priority to increase the cultural awareness of students. That’s why WhyzzExplorer is committed to offer families an understanding of different cultures and global issues. Our goal is to help parents raise young Global Citizens who know what is going on in the world and how everything in it is interconnected. All while creating awesome family memories and strong family bonds. A new way to understand the Hawaiian islands - one object at a time.