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Tour Park Waikiki, INC. is a Korean travel agency that has been around for over 15 years. Our main operation is based on honeymooners visiting Hawaii from Korea. We bring about 8,000 honeymooners from Korea every year. We have an office in Korea called Tour Park Korea. They communicate with travel agencies in Korea and operate as a middleman to organize and send us Korean customers to Hawaii. In Oahu, we have a team of experienced guides/drivers and office that handles all the customers that are currently visiting Hawaii.

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Tour Park Waikiki, INC is the biggest Korean Honeymoon Travel agency in Hawaii. We also handle group events such as Hyundai/Kia groups that visited Hawaii with over 800 people per year. (2012 Maui and 2016 Oahu Event) There are a couple of divisions under Tour Park Waikiki, INC. First one is SNAP US. It’s a professional photograph company within Tour Park Waikiki, INC. They focus on taking date photos in Hawaii for couples visiting Hawaii. We have taken pictures of over 15,000 couples during the last 5 years and we are planning on creating another division that focuses on more luxury photos soon. The second division is called Taste of Paradise the Master Coupon. It’s a coupon that our customers can take to multiple locations and use it to eat a meal or drinks according to customer’s liking. There are over 20 different locations you can take the coupons to have a meal in Hawaii. We also focus on people who didn’t reserve anything through travel agencies with option selling website called Enjoy Hawaii and we also distribute pamphlets in 34 different locations in Waikiki. They could see something they want to book and would give us a call or visit our office. We have 2 trolleys that are scheduled to go around Waikiki to Ala Moana 6 times a day. They are for our customers who made a reservation through online or people who picked up our pamphlets in Waikiki.