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Kumu Tech is a virtual concierge company that will supply, install, maintain our in-room concierge system to assist guests with all hotel needs and information. Our smart phone based device will also plan guests itinerary, link them directly to activity---dining--transportation --shopping vendors [...]

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Motivated to provide a more informative means of communication within a hospitality property in the event of an emergency; KUMU Technologies was formed to meet that objective. This initiative quickly evolved into an advanced in-room device that would also provide guests with curated content about hotel amenities as well as venues and other points of interest in close proximity. "Loni" is our voice-enabled assistant who can accomplish a wide variety of tasks with simple verbal commands. Ask Loni to have housekeeping deliver more towels or request details on a nearby restaurant. Not only can Loni respond to English, but she can also provide information in 12 different languages. This multilingual capability is especially beneficial in the event of an emergency. With strategic alliances in place with a variety of AI industry specialists, KUMU can create customized response behavior tailored to specific requirements. Voice-driven applications are evolving at an exponential rate, and staying up-to-date with this dynamic evolution is what sets KUMU apart from others in the industry. Call KUMU today and schedule a demo.