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Kauai Yoga On The Beach


We are the original beach yoga program in Kauai, nature is our studio without walls and limits. We believe in the power of nature and yoga to heal and uplift, to renew and revitalize. Join us on the beautiful beaches of Kauai where nature and our daily practice are forever intertwined.

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Practice Yoga on the Beach of Kauai We are the original program to offer oceanfront yoga on Kauai. We help you to connect yourself to the relaxed, natural energy of the Hawaiian islands and its Aloha. Our instructors bring over 50 years of experience to guests of diverse ages, disabilities and needs. We are offering ongoing classes at few major hotels on Kauai. We invite you to try out the magic of ocean view Yoga for yourself: 7 am - Kauai Beach Resort oceanfront lawn 8:30 am - Kauai Shores Hotel shaded oceanfront lawn
  • Hours of Operation
    • Friday Close: 9:30 AM
    • Friday Open: 7:00 AM
    • Monday Close: 9:30 AM
    • Monday Open: 7:00 AM
    • Saturday Close: 9:30 AM
    • Saturday Open: 7:00 AM
    • Sunday Close: 9:30 AM
    • Sunday Open: 7:00 AM
    • Thursday Close: 9:30 AM
    • Thursday Open: 7:00 AM
    • Tuesday Close: 9:30 AM
    • Tuesday Open: 7:00 AM
    • Wednesday Close: 9:30 AM
    • Wednesday Open: 7:00 AM