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Atmosphere: Freshwater Fly Fishermen Tour

Throughout their 20-year career, Atmosphere has managed to continually tweak and strive to perfect their formula, while neither straying too far off their path, nor resorting to playing it safe. Starting with 1997's Overcast, the group's first official album, and traveling through 18 years of new albums, side projects, and various collaborations, all the way up to 2014's Southsiders album, Atmosphere's music has evolved in a way that differs from many of their peers and predecessors. Instead of following trends or struggling to fit in"”by either over-extending in an effort to stay cool to the younger generation or succumbing to pressure to maintain the same sound from album to album"”Atmosphere's discography has evolves naturally, in their own way. Don't miss this great concert outside, under the stars in the Yokouchi Pavilion!
Supporting acts: Brother Ali, deM atlas, Plain Ole Bill, and Last Word

Maui Arts & Cultural Center
1 Cameron Way
Kahului, HI 96732
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Location: Maui