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a?a?her Bodies Of Storiesa??a? By Lyz Soto

Her Bodies of Stories is a new spoken art work exploring themes of diaspora, colonialism, settler colonialism, hopeful decolonization and growing up in Hawaii. This performance piece combines slam poetry choreography with theater producing scenes that move from fierce to playful to thought-provoking. The work was written and will be performed by local spoken arts poet, Lyz Soto, cofounder of Pacific Tongues and mentor of its award-winning program, Youth Speaks Hawaii. Lyz will share the stage with fellow performers, Jocelyn Ng, Serena Simmons, and Grace Taylor. This theatrical performance of poetry, which experiments with theater, movement, and sound, was developed in collaboration with Jocelyn Ng and Serena Simmons and directed by Grace Taylor.
Tickets: $20 (plus applicable fees)
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
One Cameron Way
Kahului, HI 96732
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Location: Maui